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[transcript: xkcd comic, now with a nondefined percentage increase of Homestuck characters.
PANEL 1: John and Karkat sitting on a bed, John is shaking a pair of dice.
JOHN: All right, baby, get ready for…
PANEL 2: Close up of the dice roll: one five and one novelty die reading “breasts”
PANEL 3: John and Karkat stare at the result.
JOHN: I really need to organize the game cupboard.
KARKAT: Wait, so where’s the other sex die?
PANEL 5: Tavros, Terezi, Aradia and Nepeta are grouped around a game board.
TAVROS: I… fondle the castle guard? That doesn’t seem right.
ARADIA: It did 6 damage, though.]

Tonight’s Homestuck/xkcd crossover takes place in the Promstuck universe. In accordance with the principle of Whatever, I do what I want.


And the original alt text was “You roll for initiative, and … [roll] … wow, do you ever take it.”, which I don’t think can be improved on.

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