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[image: Designs for the grub stage of all 12 trolls. There’s a progression where the lowblooded grubs are rounder than the pointier blues and greens, and the seadwellers have tail fins.]


Sizing issue fixed!

Here are all the final Wriggler Designs!

Thanks for the nice comments while I’ve been working on these! Hope you enjoy the final product!

I admit I hesitated a second before reblogging this, simply because it had 413 notes. I am that fan now.

Aren’t these guys neat looking though? You can see much larger versions of them in this tag.

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[image: Karkat, Aradia, Gamzee, Tavros and Sollux are wearing the bulkiest sweaters in the world. Aradia and Gamzee appear okay with this, but the others are showing signs of serious distress.]

My first thought on seeing this was “Rose. What did you do.”

And then I looked more closely at Aradia and Gamzee’s kind of smug, dreamy expressions, and how close Karkat and Tavros are to horrified tears, as if they are each fighting to get out of their sweater’s fluffy, woolen embrace, and that Sollux has just sort of slumped over, defeated. And, you know, those are some intricrate geometric patterns they are wrapped up in, all done in their associated blood colour…

And my second thought on seeing this was, “ROSE. What did you DO?”

Knitting sweaters of enthrallment for your friends and allies is NOT APPROPRIATE, ROSE. NO. STOP.


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