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[image: xkcd strip with Homestuck characters instead.
PANEL 1: Equius stands holding Robot Aradia’s hand. Dirk approaches holding Robot Dirk’s hand.
DIRK:I thought your android girlfriend was cool, so I got myself an android boyfriend.
PANEL 2: Robot Aradia leaps into Robot Dirk’s welcoming arms.
DIRK: He’s really great. I like how—
PANEL 3: Equius and Dirk stare offpanel.
FX: zip mmmmm
PANEL 4: Equius and Dirk continue to stare off panel.
FX: whirrr mmmm click
DIRK: … Huh. It’s like somebody stuck a vibrator into a fleshlight.]


For the record, I did try to add the droplets of sweat that we all know are gracing Equius’ noble brow in the last panel, but the best I could do was the question of acne.

My art skills are not up to this project.

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[Transcript: xkcd comic irrecoverably marred with Homestuck characters.
PANEL 1: Sollux is working on a computer.
ARADIA: What are you writing?
SOLLUX: Virus.
ARADIA: What’s it do?
SOLLUX: When someone tries to post a YouTube comment, it first reads it aloud back to them.
KARKAT: *types angrily*
PANEL 4: Karkat sits silently while the computer reads his comment back to him.
KARKAT: …I’m a moron.
PANEL 6: Karkat leaves the computer…
PANEL 7: …and sits alone outside.
PANEL 8: Karkat buries his face in his hands.
KARKAT: I… I didn’t know.]


(This one’s been sitting half finished on my desktop for a while. Figured I might as well stamp in a couple orange dots and put it up.)

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[transcript: xkcd comic, now with a nondefined percentage increase of Homestuck characters.
PANEL 1: John and Karkat sitting on a bed, John is shaking a pair of dice.
JOHN: All right, baby, get ready for…
PANEL 2: Close up of the dice roll: one five and one novelty die reading “breasts”
PANEL 3: John and Karkat stare at the result.
JOHN: I really need to organize the game cupboard.
KARKAT: Wait, so where’s the other sex die?
PANEL 5: Tavros, Terezi, Aradia and Nepeta are grouped around a game board.
TAVROS: I… fondle the castle guard? That doesn’t seem right.
ARADIA: It did 6 damage, though.]

Tonight’s Homestuck/xkcd crossover takes place in the Promstuck universe. In accordance with the principle of Whatever, I do what I want.


And the original alt text was “You roll for initiative, and … [roll] … wow, do you ever take it.”, which I don’t think can be improved on.

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[image: Designs for the grub stage of all 12 trolls. There’s a progression where the lowblooded grubs are rounder than the pointier blues and greens, and the seadwellers have tail fins.]


Sizing issue fixed!

Here are all the final Wriggler Designs!

Thanks for the nice comments while I’ve been working on these! Hope you enjoy the final product!

I admit I hesitated a second before reblogging this, simply because it had 413 notes. I am that fan now.

Aren’t these guys neat looking though? You can see much larger versions of them in this tag.

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[image: Karkat, Aradia, Gamzee, Tavros and Sollux are wearing the bulkiest sweaters in the world. Aradia and Gamzee appear okay with this, but the others are showing signs of serious distress.]

My first thought on seeing this was “Rose. What did you do.”

And then I looked more closely at Aradia and Gamzee’s kind of smug, dreamy expressions, and how close Karkat and Tavros are to horrified tears, as if they are each fighting to get out of their sweater’s fluffy, woolen embrace, and that Sollux has just sort of slumped over, defeated. And, you know, those are some intricrate geometric patterns they are wrapped up in, all done in their associated blood colour…

And my second thought on seeing this was, “ROSE. What did you DO?”

Knitting sweaters of enthrallment for your friends and allies is NOT APPROPRIATE, ROSE. NO. STOP.


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