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A thing I noticed about the last part of Homestuck.

The Troll Empress travels through the medium on her spaceship (which may or may not be kinda designed to evoke an Imperial Bucket Collection Drone but whatever different post).

This seems to make sense, except. She travels through the medium ON her spaceship. She stands triumphantly on the top of the hull of like it is a gravitationally resistant tuftweave square, or an oversized but epically rad hoverboard.

[I should insert a panel of this happening, huh? But the best one is all glitched up and. ugh. fine. maybe it will be less painful smallified.]



But what is propelling it? The standard engines are crap, and her hyperspace drive died on her centuries ago even though she forbade such a thing from happening.

There is only one troll around with Psionic powers to exploit, and that troll received them illicitly in a yet-unexplained fashion.


Her Imperious Condescension is flying her own damn ass around and dragging that gaudy piece of spacejunk after her, isn’t she. Just so she can make a grand entrance into every scene. That’s what’s happening in this comic.

Yeah, fair enough.

Filed under but I wonder depending on what made her stop keeping up with the scheduled ship maintenance engine replacements every couple hundred exametres voiding the fuck out of her spaceship warranty if being in command of Captor I's powerset directly is very much different to her from possessing them by possessing *him*

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Detective Pony pages i, ii, and iii

Original Pony Pals novel by Jeanne Betancourt. Dirk font by k8thescout. Some drawings based on Andrew Hussie’s old comics.

I am so fucking pleased that someone decided the special Dirk Strider edition of Detective Pony needed to exist in its entirety.

And they are doing an utterly brilliant job with it so far. It is incredible.

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so I am caught up with Homestuck


and there is one very important thing about catching up with Homestuck everyone should know

There is a chrome extension called MSPAccess that allows you to move around the site without clicking on anything.

”->” is next page “<-” is previous previous “0” is open pesterlogs you can change them if you want

and that is why this is post started with “so I am caught up with Homestuck” and not “so I have been diagnosed with an RSI”

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Friendly reminder that Old Spice Guy (Isaiah Mustafa) really, really wants to be Luke Cage.

So badly in fact, he made his own teaser trailer.




Isaiah Mustafa wants to play Luke Cage. I am actually a little weirded out by this. But it’s a neat idea.

I have heard this! I haven’t seen the trailer before now though

I feel like I’m not familiar enough with Luke Cage’s story to really *get* it, alas. (I know the basics, but my Marvel knowledge isn’t so much.)

(Source: youtube.com)

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Judging from what we have seen of John Egbert’s journey thus far, allow me to posit that he is visiting these moments in order of ascending awkward.

But there is really not a whole lot of ascending to go from here.

Like we are looking at


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today’s homestuck reread notes:

same as the first time through

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nightpool42 replied to your post: so… xkit randomly stopped working for …

This happens when the compatibility breaks sometimes. Did you just update to a new version of firefox? I’m on 35 Nightly, and its working as long as I don’t choose to enable e10s mode

Oh probably… I let it auto-update, so it often does. Sustained poking has brought xkit back though, so crisis averted.

Thanks for the datapoint

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so… xkit randomly stopped working for me? It tells me it is enabled and up to date but. ??

Any other Firefox users have this happen on them?

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a note though: colour scheme aside, the whole trickster… thing… works much better as archival reading.