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This picture is great because it appears that Karkat is content as a sleepy summer morning fuck to be romantically carried human bridal style into wherever, but then on the way John makes an incorrect comment about the three-sided pale love triangle mess in Hancock, and that’s it, Karkat refuses to kiss his face gash while it is spewing such rancid thoughtvomit, turn this pan deficient walk monkey around they are going back to the tv block and Karkat is going to step John through every scene until John finally gets schoolfed on the vast entirety of his obtuseness, and it is a good thing John has literally all the time in the universe for this because he will need it, he is that bad at movie watching.

okay, dude. do you want me to put you down now?


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[image: Destiny, titular character of Genius, scowling at whoever’s on the other side of her bluetooth earpiece. She’s partly concealed under a ratty hoodie, and her cheek is bleeding.]


Destiny 5 of 5

Four SIX years on, still thrilled that the mini is going to be a thing eventually.

Fixed that for past me.

And hey, I hear rumour this mini will come out later this year!

(…yes, just like the rumours I have heard every year since the pilot contest, yes.)

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This Is Big: Scientists Just Found Earth’s First-Cousin

Right now, 500 light years away from Earth, there’s a planet that looks a lot like our own. It is bathed in dim orangeish light, which at high noon is only as bright as the golden hour before sunset back home. 

NASA scientists are calling the planet Kepler-186f, and it’s unlike anything they’ve found. The big news: Kepler-186f is the closest relative to the Earth that researchers have discovered. 

It’s the first Earth-sized planet in the habitable zone of another star—the sweet spot between too-hot Mercury-like planets and too-cold Neptunes— and it is likely to give scientists their first real opportunity to seek life elsewhere in the universe. “It’s no longer in the realm of science fiction,” said Elisa Quintana, a researcher at the SETI Institute. 

But if there is indeed life on Kepler-186f, it may not look like what we have here. Given the redder wavelengths of light on the planet, vegetation there would sprout in hues of yellow and orange instead of green.

Read more. [Image: NASA Ames/SETI Institute/JPL-Caltech]

I’ve been pleased about this discovery since it happened but this

Given the redder wavelengths of light on the planet, vegetation there would sprout in hues of yellow and orange instead of green.

sort of unquestioning proclamation is just bad, unless the writer of this article knows way more solid facts about the evolutionary history of chlorophyll than anyone else I have ever heard of.

(Disclaimer: I’m not a biologist, but:)

Our planet’s green plants are curious because they reflect a significant chunk of a heavily available wavelength of light (the green/yellow range) instead of using it for energy. Chlorophyll absorbs blue light and red light and leaves out the middle.

It’s cool. I’m a picky eater too. But there is no obvious reason why Earth plants like to be green/haven’t improved on the chlorophyll pigments, only speculation.

So why would red-shifting the solar wavelengths necessarily lead to equally red-shifted vegetation - that is, vegetation which is inefficiently using sunlight in the same way Earth’s chlorophyll-dependent plants inefficiently use sunlight, but that is using a different pigment than chlorophyll (because otherwise I assume they’d be green)?

Okay, being serious, I doubt the article is actually certain of this plant-colour idea


the universe is weird and complicated

and if you want to play speculation games, you’ve got to keep asking “Why” all the way down.

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There’s a hook for a certain type of urban fantasy though. Daemon wants to watch (eg) Mad Men but cannot due to inability to photons and/or un-preprocessed human language and/or linear time; Daemon must get humans to watch it *for* them and then trade for the experience.

Better to be careful to hire a human with the same shipping preferences though or it will be entirely a disaster.

(I wonder what I got in exchange.)

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I’m doing it I’m watching FMA:B.

(I couldn’t figure out why i stopped ukulele practicing consistently after the ds9 rewatch was over, but it was because attention splitting to the rescue.)

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