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spoilers for ancillary justice under the cut

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I thought to myself: could this be any more up Karen’s alley?  No.  No it could not.

Also, Vass has expressed a wish for the adventures of “the (possibly entirely nonsexual) union of Agender Failboat Draco Malfoy and the LITERAL SPACETOASTER that is Breq,” for yuletide.

(linking to our discussion here and here)

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I read chapter 1 of ancillary justice. Very relevant to my interests already, thanks for the rec. Also, it is doing something cool with pronouns and I am intrigued.

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Sometimes I get really pleased and inspired when I see absolutely brilliant work by someone much much younger than me.  In the general sense of hope in the future of humanity, but also like, at a personal level:

Holy shit, this 13 year old drew a fucking masterpiece. I can’t even manage stick figures consistently.

And that means it took them less than 13 years to develop this skill, even counting time for learning to talk walk brain perceptions elementary school hopscotch. Fuck. This is more doable than I ever imagined.

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something i find really reassuring is that it isn’t possible to make aliens so hideous that girls will not love them, and draw them, and photoshop flower crowns on to their heads, and want to marry them. you can’t do it. you cannot make aliens unappealing. someone will always love whatever toxic pile of sludge and murder you come up with just as much as you do. 

that’s great. 

My first reaction to this post was to note how you specified “girls” and then kinda of snicker smugly to myself because the stock female-alien designs necessary to appeal to boys tho

But what if the boring ass stock characters designs are solving a different problem than boys will not become attached to hideous aliens and want them to be their imaginary girlfriends

What if the problem being solved is boys will too get inexplicably attracted to a toxic pile of sludge and murder, but then if she doesn’t have boobs, that means they are now gay. You, character designer, are personally responsible for this tragic corruption of these het dudes, and it could have so easily been prevented with a little ass physics and pouty lips.

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Ugggh. I really want to write jokes, but that is the opposite of what I brought with me to work on. And I don’t think i can do a tumblr ask meme for joke setups and not get annoyed.

thats it, I am going to make it a personal mission to teach tumblr the character roulette silly question game. …As soon as im not on mobile.

(ps, if you already know how to play, do leave me questions: characters are numbered 1 to 15)

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