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Ugggh. I really want to write jokes, but that is the opposite of what I brought with me to work on. And I don’t think i can do a tumblr ask meme for joke setups and not get annoyed.

thats it, I am going to make it a personal mission to teach tumblr the character roulette silly question game. …As soon as im not on mobile.

(ps, if you already know how to play, do leave me questions: characters are numbered 1 to 15)

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what if, instead of finishing this story, I spend 3 hours making a fanmix about it.

that is the same thing, right?

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Really Bad Eggs


Pairing: John Egbert/Terezi Pyrope/Karkat Vantas

Rating: Explicit (NC-17)

By: everlind and orangelemonart for saffronheliotrope

Warnings: Alternate Universe, Noir, Flushed Romance | Matesprits, Caliginous Romance | Kismesis, Ashen Romance | Auspistice, Quadrant Confusion, Quadrant Vacillation, Threesome, Xeno, Bulges and Nooks, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Polyamory, Biting, Scratching 


John raises a brow at Terezi. “Do you really want to do this in front of your boyfriend?”

She raises one back. “Do you want to do it in front of yours?”

His shoulders hitch on a soundless laugh. “Good point,” he says and catches your eyes right before he kisses her.

The legislacerator Neophyte Pyrope and the threshecutioner Probationer Vantas had a failing relationship that was vacillating between red and black in a destructive way, until the internationally wanted prankster thief John Egbert swooped in and totally made a mockery of ashen relationships. What kind of auspistice lets it get all the way to the pail? A failed one, that’s what. It still counts if he holds her hands so she cant claw up his pretty human boyfriend TOO much, right? No, no it doesn’t.

Belated, yes, but still! Stay awesome and amazing and awe-inspiring <3<3<3
I hope you’ll enjoy it!

I am so happy about this story.

i reread homestuck up to cascade recently, and happens I’d forgotten how much FUN john and terezi’s interplay is.

fucking davesprite is too effective an auspistice, shut it down completely.

(unlike karkat…)

I mean, this story its also a john & karkat threesome so my affection comes with a warranty and price match guarantee, but I did not even KNOW I had a void in my heart waiting to be met with well done john/terezi blackrom. It MUST be a very special fanfic that illuminates such truths about oneself.

ALSO! it has that thing I like about interspecies alien romance where no, actually, the people involved probably are not having the same romance emotions each other, but they will make it work anyway.

an important and too often ignored consideration in the “Can humans do blackrom” debate.

ALSO the karkat/terezi dynamic is appropriately fraught and dramatic

Also it has really fun art and porn and a good john.

So happy.

This story forever.

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color doodledoo

soo soothing

(if you don’t look too closely at how not-relaxed Karkat still is but)

It’s amusing to me that the backdrop is largely bright green. Like Karkat has hit day 11 of wrung out sleeplessness and John decides floating around in a big, wet, sopor coloured cloud is the thing that will make him finally submit to a nap.

(john egbert: not always hopeless when it matters)

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CANADIANS: What is your favourite Heritage Minute?




Your favourite, or the one that sticks out most in your memory, or the one whose melodramatic line reading you find yourself quoting out of nowhere, etc etc.


Obligatory question mark to enable replies in the reblog: ?

Signal boosting for a friend.

The one about how Canada invented Superman.

Truth, justice, and maple syrup flavour salmon candy.

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Where have you gone without me?

John Egbert


#doomed timeline

A good John.

It looks like the music score is billowing away as the world behind him falls apart.

That is such a cool metaphor. I’m astounded and amazed and <3 <3 <3

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This is a gif that should be in every Trekkie’s blog 

That right there is my idol! She went in for a double ass slap and did is flawlessly

This is one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen, and it just keeps getting better the longer I watch it.

I love how DeForest smiles afterwards, too.

Reblogging it again! Because how could you not??

I thought it was Spock in the blue before I expanded the gif.

Still good.

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